26 October 2023

YMCA Theatre are delighted to be announced as one of the finalists for the Scarborough News Business Excellence Awards for the Best Retail or Leisure Business.

YMCA Theatre provides quality entertainment at affordable rates for local communities and tourists alike. They are much more than a theatre though, YMCA Theatre is staffed by a majority voluntary team.

The voluntary team is supported by a dedicated staff team to ensure that they have access to support, guidance and training throughout their journey, the majority of that team is under 20 years old. Their casts equally are provided by wider support and guidance as well as performance skills.

Graham Ibbotson, Theatre Manager, said “The YMCA Theatre is a special place; its all ages and all community members coming together to produce a magical experience for our wider community at affordable rates. It is amazing what we can achieve when we work as a team. I am delighted that we as a community have got to the final round of such a prestigious award.”

YMCA Theatre has been established at our current site since 1988 and has seen many of its members become professional acts both on and off stage. Much more than that though, many of it’s members go onto high achieving positions outside of the industry thanks to the skills that they have learned.

YMCA Theatre is a flagship project ran by YMCA Yorkshire Coast which has the aim of improving people’s quality of life. Being on of the oldest YMCAs we continue the traditions of the 1840s by providing entertainment for the community.

Liam Downey, General Manager of YMCA Yorkshire Coast “The Theatre is where I started my YMCA journey and always has a special place in my heart. I am very proud of the entire team for the work that they do, it’s much more than just putting on a show, we provide a stable formative experience to give young people a fair chance discover who they are and what they can become.”

The winners will be announced a black tie glitz event on the 30th November