The YMCA on North Street is Renovated to include a first floor new hall with a stage the same size as the gym on the ground floor. Also a Kitchen area was added o the ground floor

In 1974 a new face was at the helm with Bill Jones leaving and Chris Wilby taking over as the executive director, he would go on to lead the YMCA until 2011.



in 1982 the YMCA staged a big production in the old open air theatre ‘Magical Musical Time Machine. This had a cast of approx. 250 and opened to a 6000 strong house.

in 1984 the Hall at the North Street YMCA was adapted into a 120 seat theatre.

As part of the move to a more permanent theatre Judy passed on the role of Wardrobe supervisor to Moira

Also in 1984 our amazing current Theatre Manager took on the role he has shaped through his career with the YMCA. There was also a new Administration director in Noel Snow, who had been with the YMCA since 1981.

In 1996 the main stage manager for the YMCA changed from Eddie to Mark

in 1987 the YMCA moved to its current home on St Thomas street. You can read the recollections about the move from our Theatre Manager in his blog ‘175 Years a reflection”  under About us and Blogs



In 1990 two people took on the role of managing the FOH team, Jean and Judith

In 1997 a new production director joined the YMCA, who would go on to star in shows and become locally famous as a comedian, and in 1999 he also became the assistant theatre manager

In 1998 The assistant wardrobe supervisor Wendy took over from Moira



As the millennium ticked by so did another pantomime, as time was central to that story too, Sleeping beauty sound asleep every performance for 1000 years. Now in the 21st centaury and the 00s the hit show from 1999 Showtime was taken on tour to Osterode in Germany and followed up that summer with the sequel Showtime 2000 and the September show Cabaret Time 2000. The summer of 2000, saw the YMCA purchase its first intelligent lighting with the clay paky mini scans HPE, the lighting desk was also updated to enable control of these fixtures. Also in 2000 the YMCA decided to remove the large cinema projectors from the control room and install the first digital projector above the auditorium. When it came to Panto time, a potential disaster was averted, when the dame walked out of the show with only a few weeks to go the chairman of the board and a local solicitor took the script home and learnt the role, making his debut as the panto dame that Christmas, oh yes he did.

Into 2001, the decision was made to move the September Cabaret time further away from the Summer Season to the Spring time, with Cabaret Time 2001 performed Mid May. Again Drama came off the stage in the Summer, when a member of cast was removed mid way through the run and another had to drop out with a damaged foot. The stage manager was also unsure if he would complete the run for a very different reason, his wife was pregnant with their first child, thankfully he got to complete the run and then shortly after was presented with a little boy, who now helps as a member of crew in the theatre himself, with his sister performing in the shows. Following the birth of his son, the stage manager handed the reins on.

As we moved into 2002, the in house director / assistant theatre manager decided he wanted a change of scene, no pun intended, and was to go and work for M&S doing their window displays. He stayed with the theatre until the end of the summer season So the YM were looking for a replacement. 2002 was also the Golden Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II, so the planned spring show of ‘Wizard of Oz’ was replaced with a celebration of the years, entitled ’50 Golden Years’. ready for the summer season of ‘Summer Showcase’ a trapdoor was added to the stage which was used for a magic style trick with the entire cast just before the finale.

With the loss of the in house director the 2003 Summer season was directed by the executive director. Rather than in the past where there were many section of a couple of songs, this was the start of having two musicals featured in each act with an extended number of songs from each. in this year it was Chicago, Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Misérables and Barnum. The YMCA produced a CD of the show for the Cast to keep. This format was then to remain for the next few years even after the new internal productions director was appointed. For the summer season the theatre invested in its first moving head lights with two Robe 575XT spots.

in 2003 after a donation from Bill and Marion Hooper the foyer area was expanded and remodelled. the work was complete and opened officially at the start of the summer season

2004, saw the first time a whole production was mounted for one member of cast as he hoped to pursue his career, ‘Danny Rhodes and Guests in Concert’ was performed in the Early Spring. Also in spring 2004 the Spring production got a make over becoming Starburst, this was a sort of stars in your eyes crossed with a cabaret show. Unfortunately this did not seem to be popular so a traditional cabaret show returned for 2005 although still under the name of Starburst.

At the end of 2004 the YMCA had the  script for their Pantomime ‘ Mother Goose’ specially written by a member of the YMCA, thus not relying on a well used script. He was to also write the script for 2005s pantomime

2005 In the spring we had the second show dedicated to a second member of the Cast, this time Ben Ellis, or for equity Ben James Ellis. During the summer season the in house production director got married to another member of the staff on the leisure centre side.

In 2005 the YMCA started producing a second Christmas production based more around a carol concert than a theatre production. This was directed by a long term friends of the YMCA Hillary Watts, Richard Bean and his wife, Susan Richards, this was to continue until 2019.

In 2006 the in house productions director, decided she was to move onto pastures new, so one of the lead dancers from the show team took over after the Spring Starburst show. This seemed to be the year of people moving on as the gentleman who wrote the pantomime script for the past two years was also leaving the area. The chairman of the board, having played the dame for several years now stepped off the stage and wrote the pantomime. He would return to playing the Dame but not until 2009. He also wrote the pantomime for 2007, before having a break in 2008 by playing the villain of the pantomime, long john silver in Treasure island. As they were leaving their other roles the directors of the Young YMCA also passed on this role, to the mother of one of the people who attended the group.

In 2007 yet again the productions director decided that she was to move on, with Her and the lady who would replace her co-directing the Summer season of 2007 which this year reverted to the style of the early 2000s . In February 2007 the YMCA closed for two months for a major refit, this involved removing the brick proscenium arch, massively expanding the Stage Left wing space (RHS when viewed from the seats), A new Scenery dock and workshop. When re-open during the spring the two young men who had already had their own shows were on TV talent hunts. Ben James Ellis was on BBC and Andrew Lloyd Webbers search for someone to play Joseph in the west end, Any Dream Will Do and Danny Rhodes was on the competing ITV show Grease is the word to find a Danny & Sandy for the west end. Both reached the semi-finals of their respective programs, with Danny going onto Cruise ships and Ben going onto to star as link Larkin in the west end production of Hairspray. Following his elimination Danny returned to the YMCA for a thank you concert to those who had voted for him. He would also do another fund raising show for the YMCA the following year. Later in 2007 another member of the YMCA Show team appeared on the first series of Britain’s got Talent, reaching the semi-final

Also in 2007, the YMCA raised its stage temporarily for the summer production, despite removing it after the summer season this was then repeated for the pantomime with a revolve sunk into it for the carriage in Cinderella. During the Christmas production of 2007 the lady who had directed the festive treat for many years decided she was to retire so for 2008 this was to pass into the portfolio of the in house productions director

For the 2008 summer season the stage was again raised with the revolve and used more widely through the summer production,

In 2008 Jean Ibbotson, one of the Front of House managers retired, leaving the long standing volunteer Judith to manage the team on her own. One of the volunteers also took on the role of Theatre Technician, the first time the theatre had a dedicated person in this role.

From 2008 to 2012 The new production Director added more shows showcasing the talent of the cast,

in 2009, the YMCA Partnered with NAP Music to establish the Magic of the Musicals Show, this was then run annually by NAP music until it changed its name to Simply Musicals then then to West End Nights. These continue into the 2020s



As the new Decade Dawned it was going to be the end of an era for the YMCA. The Executive Director had decided he wished to retire so in the spring of 2011 Chris Wilby handed the keys over to Steve Marsh, The show team also presented a special production in Chris’ Honour

In 2010 the YMCA decided to return to doing a full musical over doing a show pulling songs from a number of shows. The first of these was to be Beauty and the Beast.

From 2011 to 2014 the young YMCA team called Spotlight would go and take part in the Filey Edward Festival at the start of July each year. From 2011 to 2013 this was at the Evron centre, however in 2014 this venue was unavailable so the show moved to the Methodist church

In 2012 the Productions Director / assistant theatre manager decided she wished to leave to expand the drama school she had started with her husband and her sister. She continued until the end of the Summer Season, which was a return to the format of mixing songs from four shows together to form the production. Following on from her departure a new productions director was appointed however due to the other commitments she could not start until in October, this would make it difficult to get both festive season shows ready ( Christmas show and pantomime) so the Theatre Manager took on the Christmas show so the new director could focus on the pantomime when she arrived. The Christmas show has remained under the wing of the Theatre Manager until the Present.

during 2012 The role of Assistant Theatre Manager was taken on by the theatre technician.

In 2013 the new productions director left following the Spring production. For the Summer season a drama teacher at a local school was to direct the musical Grease. The popularity of the show meant that the cast was split with each cast given three weeks of performances. This director was unfortunately moving outside the area following the Summer to take a new teaching post in South Yorkshire. So again it was to be a change of director.

During 2013, the YMCA also invested in a new lighting desk to aid the design with the continued move towards more led and intelligent lighting. Elsewhere in 2013 the young YMCA team – Spotlight was to be re-named as the name was easy to get confused with that of Twilight the name of the group formed by the ex-director who left in 2012. It would be renamed to Y Musical Theatre or YMT for short.

The vocal coach from Grease was an ex performer at the YMCA and he agreed to direct the pantomime for 2013. In early 2014, he became the in house productions director, he was to say until 2021. However the director for the next show again a full musical of Jesus Christ Superstar had already been agreed. As a memento of the production the YMCA commissioned a commemorative mug for the cast and crew. 2014 was supposed to be the first year of two full musicals however the summer musical (Summer Holiday) fell through after the musical director walked out only a couple of weeks into rehearsals. with no time to replace him a hastily devised alternative show was produced centring on the many works of Disney.

After that years Pantomime it was announced there would be two musicals in 2015 the spring production of Our House by the in-house director and the summer of Little shop of Horrors by the same director as Jesus Christ Superstar. Due to the small number of cast required for little shop of horrors an additional show for the full cast centring on 80s music was held during September that year. Also this year Noel the Administration director retired, and Jenny Joined the team

In 2016 YMCA England decided to change its logo, YMCA Scarborough was one of the early adopters of the new logo. As Part of the rebranding the ‘Scarborough YMCA’ became the ‘YMCA Scarborough’

From 2016 the shows kept coming round with two musicals each year in the spring and summer and then the Festive season. During 2016 the inhouse stage manager had to spend more time at work so handed the reins over

Also in 2016 there was another showcase of one of the many talents with the show team as she looked to go on a further her career, this time Gillian Marshall.

For the pantomime in 2016 a former performer stepped in to write the pantomime, she would also continue to do this for at least a decade to come

for the 2017 panto, the chairman of the board, returned again but this time as the villain Abanaza. Also during this year the Young YMCA passed to a new leader, who’s aim was to give the students more formal opportunities with offering actual exams

In 2018 a new position is created to manage all the YMCA facilities and the theatre technician takes on the role, passing on the technician role to one of the young volunteers

In 2018 the YMCA started repeating musicals, by reprising the show Grease and again in 2019 by reprising Wizard of Oz

In 2019 our theatre technician leaves to further his career and join the Police, just after playing the role of Pharaoh in the Easter production of Joseph



Early in the year the Assistant Theatre Manager decides to focus more on his role as the facilities manager and relinquishes the role, it passes to a member who has been part of YMCA productions for many years.

This could be said to be the most challenging time not just for the YMCA but for everyone as the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. Throughout the early months increasing regulations made it hard to hold theatre which finally lead to all shows suspended from March 16th 2020, inline with all theatres in the country, until late Autumn as the UK entered Lockdown. Like many businesses this time was very tough financially. TO try and help weather the storm the YMCA changed its management structure, including the departure of the role of executive director

The Easter production (High School Musical) and then the Summer production (Shrek) were all postponed until 2021 as the UK remained in Lockdown to try and kerb the spread of the virus.

It was announced during this time that the Young YMCA – Y Musical Theatre, would be dissolved and a new group set up called Y Perform, to be taught by two members of the show team.

After a few Socially distanced productions in the Autumn of 2020, the YMCA were fortunate to find themselves within the Tier 2 of regulations over the festive season which allowed performances of the annual Christmas show and the start of the run of the pantomime. The Christmas show was hit hard with the number of performers allowed to take part so this was a much smaller scale show than usual to allow all involved to stay socially distant from each other. Measures included, cast entering from one side of the stage and exiting the other, a one way system for getting to and from the dressing rooms, designated areas for cast / crew etc… Unfortunately due to a nation wide increase in cases over the festive period the UK went into another lockdown and the pantomime had to close on December 30th, 5 performances premature. The Carol concert Rockin’ did not return for 2020 due to the pandemic.

In 2021 the theatre then remained closed until after the middle of the Spring, During this time the YMCA announced that the spring production of Hugh School Musical which should have been in 2020 then delayed to 2021 was now cancelled, a spring cabaret show would be performed at an unknown date.

The first show to be back in the theatre was the Young YMCA’s (Y Perform) production of Annie rehearsed almost exclusively via Video Conferences. After the production it was announced that Grace one of the teachers was to be leaving to go to University, and another member of the Show team (Jasmine) would join Evie in the running of the group

In April came the sad news of the passing of HRH Price Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen’s Husband of 73 years.

The Easter production was moved to the Spring Bank Holiday. In the Early Summer social distancing regulations were lifted allowing the first full auditoriums in well over a year.

That Summer the Summer season (Shrek) was postponed again until 2022, with a limited run of Grease the Musical been presented over two weeks not six.

It was also at this production the YMCA waved goodbye to its Productions Director of 7 and half years, James Aconley. The position been left empty for the time been with directors for the productions been brought in freelance.

In 2021 the resident stage manager opened a café called So Snacks in the leisure centre serving delicious meals. for the summer the YMCA teamed up with him to offer a theatre and dine experience tailed around the American cuisine of the summer show, Grease

There was also a special show to mark YMCA Scarborough’s 175th Anniversary in the late summer called Celebrate. We also loose our technician to the local company Persono and Declan takes over

As 2021 started to wain, the YMCA was hit by the news of the passing of long term friend Richard Bean (Beannie). followed by a blow for the country on the whole as the emergency of the Omicron Variant of COVID-19 again threatened the festive season. Just days before the annual Christmas production further regulations were introduced requiring all attendees and staff to wear face coverings again. The production still went ahead. Thankfully no more restrictions were imposed and the YMCAs 60th consecutive pantomime was performed in its entirety. This was the directional debut of Claire Edwards who had written the annual Pantomime for several years but was now to take the helm of the production too. At the request of the chairman on the board one of the long serving volunteering became the first YMCA Archivist.

As we moved into 2022 thoughts moved onto the Spring production. It had already been announced in 2021 that the theatre was to perform Little Mermaid the Musical. The first thing was to decide who would direct the show, in January it was announced that Katie & Hayley, two members of the YMCA staff would direct the show. Subsequently auditions took place and into Rehearsals. In February it was the turn of the Young YMCA to perform their third full musical and second under the name of Y Perform. At the start of the February half term school holiday they presented Matilda Jr.

As Easter rolled around the production of Little Mermaid was prepared, This production turned out to be a big success with a modest turn out in the audience. The entre stage front was turned into a massive wave with many cans of expanding foam, though not as expanding as the amount of foam required, this far outstripped expectations. At Little mermaid the YMCA tried something new offering meet and great packages with the main characters after the performance which appeared to go very well. Following the production it was announced that Katie and Hayley would also direct the summer season of Shrek. Auditions followed shortly after. As the production finished it also marked the swap across of theatre technician as Declan went on to pursue his career, with Ollie stepping up into the role.

In Late Spring 2022 we got the very sad news of the passing of our long serving Administration Director Noel who had retired in 2015.

During the pandemic one of the theatre hirers went under (Scarborough Musicals) In May 2022 the splinter group which rose from the ashes performed their first production of Víctor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame down the road at the Queen Street Methodist Church. This features many of the YMCAs current and former cast members and a trip was organised for some of the other YMCA team to go and support the show which was very well received. They also announced their next production, an adaption of Wind in the Willows in the Woodend gardens towards the end of the summer.

In early June the YMCA had an evening with the Mayor to celebrate the YMCAs 175th anniversary all be it a year late now that all legal restrictions have gone..

In June the Young YMCA also had their school Show

At the start of July, the theatre was hit with devastating news, A young member, Holly Dresser, who had been involved almost since she was born along with her brother and father, had passed away at the tender age of 19 while celebrating her god father’s birthday. This affected the entire team deeply, her funeral was then screened live at the theatre for all those who could not fit at the funeral itself.

On the 9th July a former cast member Lori Kellett came back to do a fund raising one night only production, this included one number dedicated in Holly’s Memory. and the show featured many current and past faces from the YMCA’s Stage.

Then came the Summer Season of Shrek, which went well. A tribute to Holly was played at the interval and the part she had been rehearsing was not recast out of respect.

During the run the Grandfather of one of the Crew also passed away.

As September dawned the summer season was over ad the theatre moved into its autumn program, then came the very sad news of the passing of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the succession of His Royal Majesty King Charles III

Following the summer season the theatre set up a fundraising team to try and help giving the very bad finances following the COVID years, They had a couple of events in late 2022 including a Treasure Hunt and Indoor Car boot.

The festive season of 2022 got started with the festive show Christmas Cracker 2022, although one of the guest dance schools had to pull out last minute requiring a speedy reworking of the running order to suit.

During set-up of the Pantomime it was confirmed that Clare Jones who had written the previous pantomimes since 2016 and directed the last two would continue for the next five years.

Also the facilities manager was promoted to become the new general manager of the YMCA

Rapunzel opened on Boxing day and was widely regraded by people who had seen other local pantomimes to be the best in the area and this showed with many good houses. This took us to the end of a tumultuous year for the team at YMCA Scarborough.

As 2023 came along, the YMCA embarked on a new adventure with a rebranding to YMCA Yorkshire Coast, to allow further venues along the coast to be set-up. In the theatre meanwhile the Young YM team perform their version of Fame Jr to great acclaim. As Easter turns around it is the turn of the YMCA’s spring show, this year a home written show featuring Pinocchio travelling through many of Disney’s magical lands. It was written and directed by the duo of Hayley and Katie Doubtfire who directed Little Mermaid and Shrek in 2022.

As the seasons continued to turn, and time marched ever onwards, the country had the celebration of the coronation of His Royal Majesty King Charles III, we then arrived in the summer after the driest June on record only to have the wettest July on record. It was now time for the summer season, this year Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This production seemed cursed with many issues and setbacks in both the set-up and first few weeks of the show, however it went on and got a great review in the local paper and a lot of positive feedback from audience.

In June the Young YMCA also had their school Show

In 2023 the theatre technician started a project to future proof the theatre by looking at upgrading the old ‘Generic’ or incandescent lighting to LED, this project was to cost an eyewatering £60,000, so he started looking for different funding to try and help with the project. after conversion this would not only future proof the theatre, but help with the environment impact, help with the lighting team getting experience on the latest fixtures so if they do progress into the industry they are familiar with the fixtures used these days, also in the cost of living crisis it would help with the bills, helping the YMCA continue to be there for year to come for the young (and some not so young) that use the place. One of the first pieces of funding came from the local firm Kingspan, through a planet passionate scheme, and a funding hunt is ongoing for the rest

Into the autumn and the YMCA auditioned for its Christmas season with the Christmas Cracker show getting a bit of a makeover as Christmas Cracker at the movies with the intention of adding in music from common Christmas films. Also the pantomime for 2023/24 is Robin hood.

In early October at an event for the volunteers, it was announced what shows the YMCA has got the rights for in 2024, The Easter show is to be the musical of SpongeBob SquarePants and in the Summer the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical School of Rock.

In November an old friend of the YMCA, Lori Kellet, returns to do a concert on Saturday 11th November to help raise funds

Then we arrive at the festive season again, this year we have Christmas Cracker at the Movies. The pantomime this year is Robin hood opening as ever on Boxing day, it is very well attended through all of the first week up to new year. The show resumed after the new year break with slightly quieter matinee performances but still went out with a bang on Saturday 6th Jan. It was announced during the show that the following pantomime would be Sleeping Beauty.

Another year rolls around and we start to prepare for 2024 shows, starting with Y Performs show then the Easter show of SpongeBob, apparently the YMCA is one of the first few amateur productions of this new musical.


Shows List

Shows of the 1960s

1962 Cinderella

1963 Dick Whittington

1964 Aladdin

1965 Babes in the Wood

1966 Mother Goose

1967 Dick Whittington

1968 Cinderella

1969 Aladdin

  • North Street
  • St Marys Parish House

Shows of the 1970s

1970 Dick Wittington

1971 Revue 71

1971 Mother Goose

1972 Revue 72

1972 Cinderella

1973 Jack and the Beanstalk

1974 Babes in the Wood

1975 Humpty Dumpty

1976 Pinocchio

1977 Mother Goose

1978 Merlin’s Magical Journey

1979 Old King Cole

  • Floral Hall
  • Royal Opera House
  • St Marys Parish House

Shows of the 1980s

1980 The Final Conflict

1980 Cinderella

1981 Variety Showtime

1981 Little Jack Horner

1982 David and the Vision

1982 The Magical Musical Time Machine

1982 Jack and the Magical Beanstalk

1983 David and Dream Child

1983 Black Comedy

1983 Variety Showtime

1983 Pinocchio

1984 Evil Eye of Gondor

1984 Smike

1984 Babes in the Wood

1985 Dream Child – Durham University Theatre

1985 Oliver

1985 Aladdin

1986 Annie

1986 Cinderella

1987 Sinbad the Sailor

1988 Sleeping Beauty

1989 Smike

1989 Humpty Dumpty

  • Royal Opera House
  • North Street
  • Open Air Theatre
  • St Thomas Street
  • Other

Shows of the 1990s

1990 Wizard of Oz

1990 Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs

1991 Oliver

1991 A Golden Silence

1991 Hansel and Gretal

1992 Boeing Boeing

1992 Annie

1992 Severn Under the Clock

1992 Peter Pan

1993 the Good the Bad and the Other One

1993 Hans Anderson

1993 The Rambling Club

1993 Pinocchio

1994 Viking Quest and Loaves and Fishes

1994 Barnum

1994 Yesterday Came Suddenly

1994 Beauty and the Beast

1995 Magic Man

1995 Last Refuge

1995 Aladdin

1996 The Musical Express

1996 Christmas Celebration

1996 Cinderella

1997 That’s Showbiz

1997 Christmas Celebration

1997 Dick Whittington and his Cat

1998 The Musical Laughter Show

1998 Christmas Celebration

1998 Jack and the Beanstalk

1999 Showtime

1999 Cabaret Time

1999 Christmas Celebration

1999 Sleeping Beauty

Shows of the 2000s

2000 Showtime – Osterode Germany

2000 Showtime 2000

2000 Cabaret Time 2000

2000 Christmas Celebration

2000 Sinbad the Sailor

2001 The Little Mermaid (Young YMCA – YMCA Theatre Children’s Workshop)

2001 Cabaret Time 2001

2001 Showtime 2001

2001 Christmas Celebration

2001 Aladdin

2002 50 Golden Years

2002 Summer Showcase

2002 Christmas Celebration

2002 Peter Pan

2003 Musical Magic

2003 Christmas Celebration

2003 Puss in Boots

2004 Danny Rhodes and Guests in Concert

2004 Starburst 2004

2004 Musical Magic (Repeated For Charity)

2004 Musical Mystique

2004 Christmas Celebration

2004 Mother Goose

2005 An Audience with Ben Ellis

2005 Starburst 2005

2005 Musical Rollercoaster

2005 Christmas Celebration

2005 Rockin’ Carols

2005 Pinocchio

2006 The Miracle

2006 Starburst 2006

2006 Musical Eclipse

2006 Christmas Celebration

2006 Rockin’ Carols 2006

2006 Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs

2007 Starburst 2007

2007 Charity Showtime

2007 Danny Rhodes and Guests

2007 Comedy Showtime

2007 Jakey P and Friends

2007 Christmas Celebration

2007 Rockin’ Carols 2007

2007 Cinderella

2008 Danny Rhodes and Guests

2008 Singing Showcase

2008 Variety Showtime

2008 Charity Showtime

2008 Family Showtime

2008 Singing Showcase

2008 Magic of Christmas

2008 Rockin’ Carols 2008

2008 Treasure Island

2009 Tonight’s the Night

2009 Variety Showtime

2009 Magic of the Musicals – In association with NAP

2009 Family Showtime

2009 Scarborough Star Search

2009 Disney Christmas

2009 Rockin’ Carols 2009

2009 Aladdin

Shows of the 2010s

2010 Song and Dance

2010 Variety Showtime

2010 Beauty and the Beast

2010 Scarborough Star Search

2010 Song and Dance

2010 Christmas Cabaret

2010 Rockin’ Carols 2010

2010 Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs

2011 Chris’ Retirement Spectacular

2011 Sound of the Musicals (Young YMCA – Spotlight)

2011 Evening of Song and Dance

2011 Spotlight In Filey (Young YMCA – Spotlight) – Filey Evron Centre

2011 Wizard of Oz

2011 Spotlight on Christmas Musicals (Young YMCA – Spotlight)

2011 Alice in a Winter Wonderland

2011 Rockin’ Carols 2011

2011 Peter pan

2012 Magic of Disney

2012 That’s Entertainment

2012 Spotlight In Filey (Young YMCA – Spotlight) – Filey Evron Centre

2012 Musicality

2012 A Christmas Cracker

2012 Rockin’ Carols 2012

2012 Jack and the Beanstalk

2013 Lights Camera action

2013 Charity Gala Showcase

2013 YMT In Filey (Young YMCA – YMT) – Filey Evron Centre

2013 Grease

2013 A Christmas Cracker 2013

2013 Rockin’ Carols 2013

2013 Sleeping Beauty

2014 Charity Gala Showcase

2014 Jesus Christ Superstar

2014 Fairytale – A True Story (Young YMCA – YMT)

2014 Honk (Young YMCA – YMT)

2014 YMT In Filey (Young YMCA – YMT) – Filey Methodist Church

2014 Disney Spectacular

2014 Journey Through Time (Young YMCA – YMT)

2014 Christmas Cracker 2014

2014 Rockin’ Carols  2014

2014 Robin Hood

2015 Alice’s Journey in Wonderland (Young YMCA – YMT)

2015 A Conversation with the Trees

2015 Our Show

2015 Our House

2015 Back in My Day (Young YMCA – YMT)

2015 Little Shop of Horrors

2015 All Night Long

2015 Fairytales and Scary Tales (Young YMCA – YMT)

2015 Christmas Cracker 2015

2015 Rockin’ Carols 2015

2015 Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs

2016 The Wicked World of Oz (Young YMCA – YMT)

2016 An Evening with Gillian Marshall

2016 Guys and Dolls

2016 Neverland (Young YMCA – YMT)

2016 Rock of Ages

2016 Halloween Extravaganza (Young YMCA – YMT)

2016 Christmas Cracker 2016

2016 Rockin’ Carols 2016

2016 Cinderella

2017 Poppins the Pantomime (Young YMCA – YMT)

2017 Footloose

2017 Once Upon a Time (Young YMCA – YMT)

2017 Sister Act

2017 Christmas Cracker 2017

2017 Rockin’ Carols 2017

2017 Aladdin

2018 An Ogres Tale and Disenchanted (Young YMCA – YMT)

2018 Fame

2018 Grease

2018 Christmas Cracker 2018

2018 Rockin’ Carols 2018

2018 Peter Pan

2019 Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

2019 Wizard of Oz

2019 Student Showcase (Young YMCA – YMT)

2019 Christmas Cracker 2019

2019 Rockin’ Carols 2019

2019 Jack and the Beanstalk

Shows of the 2020s

2020 Christmas Cracker 2020

2020 Beauty and the Beast

2021 Annie Jr (Young YMCA – Y Perform)

2021 Raise Your Voice

2021 Grease

2021 Celebrate

2021 Christmas Cracker 2021

2021 Cinderella

2022 Matilda Jr (Young YMCA – Y Perform)

2022 The Little Mermaid

2022 Showcase 2022 (Young YMCA – Y Perform)

2022 An Evening with Lori Kellett

2022 Shrek

2022 Christmas Cracker 2022

2022 Rapunzel

2023 Fame Jr (Young YMCA – Y Perform)

2023 Wish upon a Star

2023 Showcase 2023 (Young YMCA – Y Perform)

2023 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

2023 An Evening of Remembrance

2023 Christmas Cracker at the Movies 2023

2023 Robin Hood

2024 Guys and Dolls Jr (Young YMCA – Y Perform)

2024 SpongeBob Square Pants

2024 TBC (Young YMCA – Y Perform)

2024 TBC

2024 Christmas Show

2024 Sleeping Beauty


Full Musicals


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Resident Productions Directors – YMCA Productions

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1997 – 2002 David Nicholson

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2006 – 2007 Zoe Marsh

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2012 – 2013 Rachel Drew

2013 – 2021 James Aconley

Incumbent – N/A (Freelance)


General Secretary / Executive Director of YMCA Scarborough 

tbc  1974 Bill Jones

1974 – 2011 Chris Wilby

2011 – 2020 Steve Marsh

Incumbent (2022) – Liam Downey


Administration Director

tbc – 1984 – Pat Baines

1984 – 2014 – Noel Snow

2015 – 2023 – Jenny Aston

Incumbent – N/A


Other Roles

Asst. Theatre Manager

1999 – 2003 David Nicholson

2003 – 2004 Chris Pavey

2005 – 2007 Zoe Marsh

2007 – 2012 Kerry Ncholson

2012 – 2020 Liam Downey

2020 – 2020 Katie Doubtfire

Incumbent – N/A


FOH Manager

1990 – 2008 – Jean Ibbotson

Incumbent (1990) – Judith Edmondson



Incumbent (2021) – Chris Bullivant



tbc – 2016


Companies who Record the Productions (When permitted by Copyright)

Scarborough Video Services – Contact Kevin Jervis

Fotomagic – Contact John Hume

Winter Productions – Contact Oliver Winter

Authorised relatives of Cast / Crew

Leaders of Young YMCA


#tbc – tbc Lisa Spencer

2003 – 2006 Kiel Richardson & Nicky Sweeney Chisholm

2006 – 2017 Rebecca Simpson

2017 – 2020 Sophie Brown

2020 – 2021 Evie McGlinchey & Grace Kille

Incumbents (2021) Evie McGlinchey & Jasmine Towse



Theatre Manager (& Asst. Executive Director)

Incumbent (1984) Graham Ibbotson


Facilities Manager

Incumbent (2018) – Liam Downey


Theatre Technician

2008 – 2018 Liam Downey

2018 – 2019 Owen Price

2019 – 2021 Jake Newlove

2021 – 2022 Declan Carr

Incumbent (2022) Ollie Winter


Main In House Stage Manager

tbc – 1986 – Eddie Davies

1986 – 2001 – Mark Dresser

2001 – 2006 – Steve Patterson

2006 – 2008 – James Ferguson

2008 – 2015 – Chris Bullivant

Incumbent (2016) – Steve Brewster



Wardrobe / Costume Supervisor

tbc – 1983 – Judy

1983 – 1998 – Moira Louth

Incumbent (1998) – Wendy Chapman





2016 – Present


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