17 June 2023

I had the pleasure today of watching Y-Perform’s showcase today. What an incredible display of talent both on and off the stage. The growth shown by the cast show by show is amazing, the confidence of people who you would not have dreamed would be on the stage just a few months ago.
Unseen by most of the audience though, was a young lad of 14 doing lighting design for the first time on his own and producing a professional standard design.
A young lad with profound autistic challenges shadowing a sound engineer who has been involved since he could talk.
Two directors who have grown up with the YMCA and are now making a real difference to the next generation of young people. And an assistant who came through Y-perform, started to help out and is now very much part of the successful team running the project.

It’s a reminder of how we make a difference and that we support you, because we are you.
This is YMCA.


Liam, General Manager