Do you believe in fairness and opportunity?

Become a trustee of YMCA Scarborough

There are essential building blocks for a full and rewarding life: a safe home; acceptance; guidance; friendship; physical and mental health; academic support; employment skills; and access to real opportunities.
Many young people have never known these things; other people have lost one or more as they grew up, but we all need them.
All of us.
At YMCA, we provide these critical foundations for a fresh, strong start for young people and a better quality of life in the community.

“Trustees have overall control of a charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do `{`…`}` trustees are the people who lead the charity and decide how it is run”

The Charity Commission

As a trustee you will…
► Be a part of an inclusive Christian movement, transforming communities so that all young people can belong, contribute and thrive
► Contribute to a great cause
► Gain experience within a friendly, well-connected Board
► Receive training and development support

Learn More about being a trustee...

If you have any questions about being a trustee please email

We are particularly looking for people...

  • Who are from a safeguarding background
  • Who are from a social housing background
  • Who are from a finance or accountancy background

How to apply?

Please write or produce a supporting statement answering the questions below and email your answers to with the subject “Trustee Application”

You can provide your answers in whichever format best suits you. This could be:
► Answers written in the body of an email
► Answers written in a Word Document or PDF attached to an email
► Recording your answers in video format and sending via email, WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox

No format will be preferred above any other. Regardless of how you choose to communicate, please answer all questions below and do not send a CV.

Please include your name, address, email and telephone number so we are able to contact you.
1. Please outline what motivates you to apply to become a trustee of YMCA Scarborough (300 words max)
2. How do you think your skills, experience and qualities will enable you to fulfil the role of a Trustee, as described in the Trustee Application Pack (500 words max)
3. Please describe how you live out the values and ethos of YMCA Scarborough (300 words max)

If you are successful

If you are successful you will be required to sign up to our code of conduct and sign the following declaration. Please check these over now so that you are prepared to do so.