YMCA Scarborough uses a system called TeamUp to manage our classes, payments, registration and memberships.


This allows our members to book activities online, pay and just arrive without queuing at the counter!


Click here to check out our activities and to manage your accounts


What is TeamUp?

TeamUp is our membership management system. It allows you to edit your details and set up payments.

How do I access my account?

Once you have set up your account with TeamUp, you can access this anytime using the link provided to you in your welcome email.

How do I set up my Direct Debit?

Once you have registered your account and a membership has been set up for your/your dependent’s activity, TeamUp will email you to ask you to set up your Direct Debit. TeamUp will inform you as to when the first Direct Debit will be taken from your account. If this payment fails, TeamUp will retry up to a maximum of 3 times. From this point, please contact the Visitor Experience Team who will assist you further.

How do I update my details?

TeamUp allows you to edit your details in real-time meaning all updates take effect immediately. All you need to do is log in to your account and select ‘Edit’. Once you have updated your details, click ‘Save’ and your account will be updated.

How much do we pay if my dependent starts part way through a month?

Your dependent’s first session will be free, from there TeamUp will automatically pro-rata the usual monthly payment amount to account for only the rest of the month. You will not be charged for any sessions prior to the membership commencing.

Can we take a break from classes if required?

Absolutely! We completely understand that circumstances can arise/change. With this in mind, we can place a ‘Hold’ on your dependent’s membership meaning you will not continue to pay for the membership until your dependent is ready to return to classes. Please speak to the Visitor Experience Team if this is something you require.