Small Talks make a Big Difference

Mental health, like physical health, is something that we all have, yet speaking openly about mental health is not always easy.

While, as a society, we may be getting more aware of these struggles, most people still find it awkward to talk openly about mental health face-to-face.


However, small chats with your friends, colleagues, and family members can go a long way to make sure you have a place to talk honestly about your feelings.


Small Talks is solely about taking the time to have these conversations and ensuring that we all make ourselves available to listen. With a few simple guides, we can all positively impact the mental health of those around us.


You can read more about this campaign at

We are delighted that our very own Evie has been chosen to share her story with the federation. Evie is one of our Y Perform leaders she has been attending since she was 7 years old.


“My anxiety began when I was 14 years old. It was at school that I noticed I was starting to get overwhelmed and didn’t know how to control it. For years, I suffered in silence. I wouldn’t discuss the feelings I was having with anyone, and when my anxiety was bad, I tended to shut off.

Talking to people about my mental health made me feel less anxious. It felt like the biggest weight off my shoulders when I finally opened up.

YMCA has helped me in doing that. It is a safe space where I feel confident to speak about my feelings. On top of that, it has activities that can help with your mental health. I started performing in the theatre, and being on stage made me forget all about my anxiety.

When you have anxiety, I know that it often feels like you will be stuck with it forever with no way of coping, but you won’t be. Speaking out has helped. It has made me feel less ashamed.

I know from my experience what a difference talking made to my anxiety, so remember; Small Talks can make a big difference”

What are we doing at YMCA Yorkshire Coast?

We have a number of local events to support this national campaign, they are all free and unless stated there is no need to book

Tea Talks

We provide the tea and a space for you to talk, you don’t have to talk about anything deep. Small Talks make a big difference.

  • Monday 15th May 2023 – Eastfield Library – 10:30am-1pm
  • Tuesday 16th May 2023 – Bridlington Community Hub – 10am-12pm
  • Wednesday 17th May 2023 – YMCA Scarborough – 10am-1pm
  • Thursday 18th May 2023 – Whitby Pavilion – 10am-1pm
  • Saturday 20th May 2023 – YMCA Scarborough – 10am-1pm