Lets start the season!

Register now for our open auditions for YMCA Productions Pantomime Robin Hood



11.09.23 6:30PM – 9:30PM GROUP WORKSHOP: ALL CAST. For anyone who would like to be in the production. You will need to be in comfortable clothing and footwear for dancing, singing, and acting.

12.09.23 6:30PM – TBC (All depends on how many are auditioning. Should be 9:30PM) PRINCIPAL AUDITIONS: AUDITIONS FOR CHARACTERS. For those who would like to be a “main character” are welcome to audition. You will need to be prepared to sing a song and bring a backing track on either a CD, USB or Bluetooth via your phone. If you do not receive a named character role, there are other roles that are in the production as well.

13.09.23 6:30PM – 9:30PM PRINCIPAL GROUP AUDITIONS: AUDITIONS FOR ALL PRINCIPALS. This is a further audition for the character roles where we team you up with others who are auditioning and see how well you work together.


Starting on 18.09.23, we will be starting our Rehearsals. They will be every Mondays and Wednesdays meeting for 6PM and starting at 6:30PM, usually finishing at 9:30PM. From 12.11.23, we will also be starting Sunday Rehearsals from 2PM for extra run throughs finishing at 5PM.

Our Tech Rehearsals start the week of 18.12.23. ALL CAST MUST ATTEND. If you are unavailable for any dates that week, we advise you to let us know the week of auditions. You cannot add any further holidays or times off for that week once rehearsals start. It is essential for you to attend this week of rehearsals as well as the other dates too.


The week of the show will start from 26.12.23 – 06.01.24 NOT INC. 01.01.24. MATINEE PERFORMANCES 2PM: 26.12.23 – 31.12.23 / 02.01.24 – 06.01.24 EVENING PERFORMANCES 7PM: 27.12.23 – 30.12.23


Please read consent carefully on our sign-up forms, you must consent to your child performing on stage to participate in this activity.

Participation Fees

The cracker participation fee is £70, this fee helps to pay for costumes, staff for rehearsals, props and scenery. You can pay this fee upfront or you can set up a payment plan, this will be explained to you. If this fee means that you can not take part in the production, please speak to us confidentially by emailing us at info@ymcayorks.uk


Monday 11th September- Arrive at 6pm at Community Desk

Everyone who wishes to take part should attend this audition

You will take part in a dance that will be shown to you at the audition, you will take part in a cast workshop that will include singing and acting.


Further auditions for Principles will take place on Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th

How to register

If you have any questions about the auditions or the show please email productions@ymcatheatre.uk

If you have any problems booking the auditions please email info@ymcayorks.uk