5 September 2023

On 4th September, our team noticed a crack in part of the concrete that looked like it could be RAAC concrete. We made the immediate decision for everyones safety to close the majority of the building that we identified had concrete construction.

This morning we had a professional structural engineer arrive and asses the concrete in question. Although it is prefab panels they are not made out of RAAC concrete.

The engineer did identify a small risk due to water ingress which needs to be assessed by a concrete specialist. In response to this risk we have for the time being rearranged some activities to reduce the stress on the floor.

We are therefore back open as normal, however due to the late notice change please check with your dance school/company to see if they are back or not. In addition, your dance school, activity or company might not be in the same room as normal.


While we apologise for the inconvenience, we do not apologise for keeping you safe.


Liam Downey


General Manager