16 November 2023

Coventry University Policing Students Learn About YMCA Yorkshire Coast and Community Based Projects That Help To Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour Without Enforcement Action

Our Youth Service Manager, Owen Price, today gave a talk to CU Scarborough’s Policing Students. The talk was arranged by Dr A Mouhiddin, course leader, who is also a trustee of YMCA Yorkshire Coast.

The student’s learned about the YMCA nationally and globally before learning about the projects we run here on the Yorkshire Coast. These projects include ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour) reduction projects that we run in partnership with the police.

Owen, who is a former Police Officer, said “I believe it is important for policing students to understand alternative methods of reducing volume crime, including Anti-Social Behaviour, using the community.

“YMCA is one of the countries best kept secret, almost everyone has heard of us but not many people know what we do or why we exist. Talks like this allow us to talk to the police and community work staff of the future.”

The talk included a group discussion on ideas of reducing anti-social behaviour without enforcement action.

We would love to come and talk to your group or school, just send us an email at info@ymcayorks.uk