The Volunteering Short Course captures, recognises and rewards the volunteering work that you do at the YMCA, it’s not a classroom-based course its a get-up and work course!

This course helps you recognise the skills you are learning to be more effective in life and in employment.

At the end of the course, you will gain a certificate based on the number of credits you have earned.

The course is only available as part of the volunteering program at the YMCA, though if 10 hours of volunteering at least are completed at the YMCA, we will credit volunteering elsewhere as well.

You will learn and assess:

  • Teamwork
  • Learning
  • Coping with Problems
  • Use of IT
  • Use of English
  • Use of Maths

This course is suitable for all abilities including most people with special educational needs.


You can gain a certificate between 2-6 credits, each credit represents 10 hours of work.

How you will learn?

This is not a classroom-based course, this is a practical course

One credit will be earned by preparing to volunteer and completing the onboarding process with the volunteer coordinator

Up to four credits will be earned by volunteering 10-40 hours of your time

The final credit can be earned by completing a review process to be discussed with your team leader

You will also complete a summary of personal achievement, a personal statement and some plan/review sheets.


People aged 14-18 will complete “Volunteering Short Course”

People aged 18+ will complete “Volunteering for Adults Short Course”

There are only very slight differences between the two courses


Free (If you want to complete 15 hours of volunteering with YMCA Scarborough)

£20 to accredit volunteering elsewhere

How to Register?

To register for this course for free you need to register to volunteer at the YMCA. To do this please complete the form below.

If you wish to accredit work that you have done elsewhere please click this link to register. A tutor will then in touch.

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