ASDAN is a leading provider of accredited courses for young people and are designed to support young people who need additional support in education, would like to credit work they are already doing out of education or to help develop and reward employability skills.


ASDAN is for all levels and learning styles as it adapts to you.

YMCA Scarborough is a registered centre for providing courses.

We are currently investigating providing the Personal Development Program, if you think you would be interested, please get in touch with me on This program is for 14-16+



What courses do we offer?

Volunteering Short Course & Volunteering as an adult short course

We run our volunteering short course run alongside our volunteer offer. No matter if you want to work Front of House, in the technical areas or on the grounds doing maintenance we can arrange enough work for you to complete this course.

This course helps give you recognition for the skills that you have learned with a registered certificate. This is great for your CV or personal statement for college/univerisity.

This course is for 13+ which includes adults of any age.