11 November 2022

Today we pause at 11am and on Sunday the same, to remember those who gave their lives in the world wars, but we also pause to remember those who gave their lives in current conflicts. We pause to appreciate those people who are currently serving in our armed forces and civilian aid organisations, and remember the sacrifice they are willing to give.


Closer to home we pause to remember those 42 YMCA civilian volunteers who sacrificed their lives in the support of others. We pause in thanks to our YMCA colleagues who are currently providing aid in war zones across the world including in Eastern European countries.


For those who wish, please join us in prayer (adapted from the Church of England):

We ask You hold forever all who have suffered during war, those who returned scarred by warfare, those who waited anxiously at home, those who returned wounded, and disillusioned;

Those who mourned, and those communities that were diminished and suffered loss.

Remember those who acted with kindly compassion, those who bravely risked their own lives for their comrades, and those who in the aftermath of war, worked tirelessly for a more peaceful world.

We pray you support our YMCA colleagues who are currently involved in conflicts, providing relief to those in need on all sides of conflict. We pray for their safety and strength in continuing their mission.